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Insect Screen Singapore- Magnetic and Removable Is Definitely The Best Solution

Installing Insect Screens in the house and office are very common in most of the countries. Without installing Insect Screen, many people around the world had been chronically unease or suffered from virus shock syndromes that were caused by Zika and Dengue mosquitoes that had spread and breed in any part of the world.

There is an increasing trend for Dengue fever and Zika Virus cases in recent years. Last year, it was recorded more than 3000 cases in Singapore. There are many measures to fight against Dengue fever. Do you know that Insect Screen Singapore is one of the best solutions to prevent the mosquitoes and flying insects to enter your house? This will reduce the risk of your loved one from suffering Dengue fever or Zike Virus.

Dengue virus can be the potentially life-threatening condition if left untreated it could develop into a hemorrhagic fever that could be fatal.

Zika virus is not fatal but can develop long-term side-effects to babies that are infected which cause microcephaly (babies that are born with a small head) which will affect the development of the brain and other physical parts of the bodies.

We truly understand your fears and knew that your family members, tenants, friends and you spend more than 80% of your time indoors at home or at your workplace. It is important that we could prevent these mosquitoes from entering.

We had specially designed the Removable Magnetic Insect Screen in Singapore that comes with an invisible, removable and magnetic insect screen net that could prevent all bugs and insects including mosquitoes from entering your house that will give a piece of mind if you install our insect screen in Singapore and stay indoors.

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Why installing Invisible Removable Magnetic Insect Screen Singapore is the Best solution?

With the Invisible Removable Magnetic Insect Screen Net installed, your tenants, family members and you can enjoy a sound and peaceful sleep anytime. The Insect screen net will protect your family members and you from Zika & Dengue mosquitoes attack! It is definitely one of the ways to prevent Dengue Fever and Zika Virus. You could enjoy the beautiful scenery,  fresh air and breeze around you with your doors and windows wide open.

How effective is the Removable Magnetic Insect Screen net?

Our Insect Screen in Singapore was also known as the pest control invisible screen or removable magnetic mosquito screen and it actually serves more functions than what you could have known

  • Stop all the flying insects and bugs
  • Stop prevent birds, lizards, cockroaches  and another pest from entering your house or workplace

The Advantage of the Removable Magnetic Insect Screen

Our insect screen definitely improves your lifestyle and health

  • Provide excellent ventilation and it also acts as a filter that prevents dust and particles from entering your house thus provide you with cleaner air quality and makes house cleaning much easier for you
  • It shields direct sunlight from entering your house that makes your house cooler.

Reliable Insect Screen at an Affordable Price!

Why must you hire us?

Our Magnetic Removable Insect Screens can be customized to install in any type of new or existing properties and buildings. Unlike those ordinary DIY insect screens or DIY mosquito net, our products are easy to install and remove without damage to your existing windows and door. If you are style-driven, our insect screens are invisible with frames that come in a wide range of colours to blend into your home decor. Our professionally trained installation team offers special attention and provide you with a free consultation to suit your needs.

We had a committed and experienced team that you can rely on where we only provide you with what you really need and deem to suit your requirement. Our pricing is transparent where we try our best to fit into your budget without any hidden cost as we believed in a long-term business relationship and most of our new customers are from referer.

Buildings that use our product

Our removable magnetic insect screen is one of the most popular products in the construction industries where we had our product installed in both residential and commercial buildings across the island in Singapore and overseas. 


  • HDB
  • Condominium
  • Bungalow
  • Terrace House
  • Semi-detached House
  • Landed property

Commercial and Industrial Building

  • Office
  • Factory
  • Warehouse

Other Building

  • Hostels
  • Childcare Centre
  • Campsites
  • Chalets
  • Hotel and Resort
  • Hospital
  • Polyclinic
  • Embassy

Fiberglass Insect Screen Mesh

Density 18X 16 inch, width 0.6-3.2 which prevent any insects from entering and it also act as a filter to remove dust in the air before entering your premises.

Our Insect screen is made from fiberglass material which is a strong lightweight material and comes with an additional vinyl coated protection that it will not rust or corrode, rot, prevent shrinkage shrink and stain

Our screen comes with UV resistance that will reduce minimum 70percent of the sunlight glare and heat making your house much cooler


Insect Screen Magnet and Tape

We provide brand new rare earth magnets that are imported from a reputable source are the most powerful permanent magnets available due to their powerful magnetic field and their great strength and coercivity. Rare Earth Magnets are stronger and offer excellent size to strength ratio with good temperature stability. The magnet properties are unaffected by household cleaning chemical detergents.

We are very strict in selecting our business partners and we use the most reliable brand tape only from 3M™ VHB™ Adhesive Transfer Tape which is designed for high-performance applications.Adhesive Thickness: 0.26mm (0.010in)

Insect Screen Singapore Price

Our magnetic insect screen Singapore price is the most reasonable and transparent in Singapore where we fabricate our direct from our factory in Singapore. No additional GST or without hidden cost guaranteed.

Standard Price List
Insect Screen $8.50 per sq ft
Window /Door Frame (Optional) $8.50per sq ft
Measurement / Installation FOC

“Affordable Insect Screen Package from $800, 100% satisfaction guarantee”

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Removable Magnetic Insect Screens (MRIS) products come with 36 months warranty on its products against defects in material and workmanship. This limited warranty does not apply to malfunctions, defects, inappropriate operations, normal wear and tear of our products that are subjected to abuse, misuse, neglect, improper assembly, authorized alteration, authorized modification, improper repair, improper maintenance and accident or other improper use.The warranty period starts with effective from the day of installation the product will be repaired or replaced as determined sole discretion by  MRIS.

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Our service also includes a complimentary site inspection and demo to better understand your needs so that we can give you the most accurate quotes.

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Very Satisfied with removable magnetic insect screens making an effort in meeting us to provide the free demonstration and patiently explain to us the maintenance and the magic of the invisible seal screen. Appreciate the friendly staff that provided us gentle reminders email and post helping us on rescheduling the appointments. Excellent services and keep it up! < 21 May 2016 >

Yi Wan

Our Happy Customer

Amazing product and it is really magic that you did not realize that the invisible insect screen had been install. Really appreciate accommodating our last minute sign up and activate his men to rush through the festive seasons. We are pleased to share this good effort to all my friends  !!


< 28 Dec 2016 >

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