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Aluminium Doors Singapore | Bifold Sliding Folding Doors Supplier
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Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Doors Supplier Singapore

The Best Aluminium Door Supplier in Singapore
The most reliable Aluminium Door Supplier in Singapore with the high-quality assurance.
Our One Stop Service include design, fabricate and install of aluminium doors for Singapore residential and commercial buildings.

High-Quality Aluminium Doors Supplier in Singapore

We are the highly recommended aluminium doors supplier in Singapore where we specially design, fabricate and install the customized aluminium doors in Singapore to suit all types of buildings and properties at a very reasonable price without any hidden cost.

Type of properties

  • All types of CBD and non-CBD Commercial Building
  • All types of Industrial Buildings
  • All types of Residential Buildings – HDB Housing and private properties
  • HDB house
  • Condominium
  • Factories / Warehouse / Office
  • Schools / Universities / Child Care Centres/ Library / Polytechnic / Technical  Institutions
  • Hospitals / Clinic / Daycare Centres
  • Churches / Mosque / Temple
  • Hotels / Budget Hotels
  • Landed Properties – Villa, Mansion, GCB (Good Glass Bungalow), Semi Detach house, Terrance House
  • Entertainment Centres – Pub, Cinema, Casino

Types of aluminium doors

  • Aluminium typical door ( half glass or full glass / with grill or without grilles)
  • Aluminium swing door (double leave or single leaf swing doors)
  • Aluminium double swing doors
  • Aluminium fire rated doors
  • Aluminium sliding doors
  • Aluminium sink and stove doors
  • Aluminium shower doors
  • Aluminium toilet doors
  • Aluminium bathroom toilet doors
  • Aluminium door with grilles
  • Aluminium door without grill
  • Aluminium bifold doors
  • Aluminium louvre doors
  • Aluminium French doors
  • Aluminium patio or sliding Patio doors
  • Aluminium front / entrance doors
  • Aluminium folding doors

Reliable Glass Insulated Commercial Aluminium Door Supplier that you are looking for?

The elegance of your home is incomplete and unsatisfactory without high-quality doors that rhyme with the quality of your house or building. We provide the aluminium doors in Singapore that are made by highly qualified and skilled professionals who not only design typical doors for your home, but they also design other house materials like removable insect screen door,  aluminium windows and aluminium grilles. Doors are not only good and important for security but also enhancement of your building facade and house quality and promoting its spellbinding appearance. Below are some of the reasons why aluminium doors are relevant to your home.

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Benefits of choosing Aluminum Door in Singapore

In Singapore, we are living in a very humid climate with lots of wind, rain and sunshine. If you choose materials like wood, wrought iron and other metals materials they are definitely too heavy. The wood will rot over time and the wrought iron will corrode and rust over time for sure. That’s why a lot of homeowners, architect and installer contractors prefer to use aluminium for both the interior and exterior of your building. There is a trend that more designers for wardrobe closet had replaced wooden door by aluminium fold door or sliding door. Even the ward and below we explain to you the reasons:

Excellent Thermal Performance

Aluminium doors in Singapore are able to withstand high thermal conduction, and they can expand and contract without breaking. They are able to meet energy efficiency standards which are why they serve efficiently without degrading quality.

Environmental Friendly Reduces the Carbon Footprint

In the air-conditioned buildings, or homes that use electric air-con to cool the internal environment, Aluminum doors Singapore can save up to 300 times the normal energy that would have been using with timber doors and windows. This is because these doors deliver the CO2E.

Highly Durable and Very Low Maintenance Costs

Aluminium doors Singapore are known to persist for long without reducing in quality or value. They do not undergo corrosion or rusting thereby maintaining their shining nature. No swelling or cracks are going to appear on the doors because they don’t absorb any moisture or get affected by extreme temperatures. To further increase its durability and quality, powder coating or painting is always recommended so that it gets protected by the covering and literally maintenance free.

Affordable Materials

Owing to their long durability and low maintenance cost, the aluminium doors tend to be less expensive. Their initial cost is always high, but their durability and quality would make you not to replace them soon as you expect. They are very strong and economical because they don’t get worn out quickly.

Flexibility in Design

Your doors could be designed and redesigned without you getting any losses. This is because Aluminum is a metal that serves excellently and it can be twisted through the metal melting and designing tools to bring forth the door designs of your choice. You can as well install a wide array of finishes including colors, decoration features like the deco wood among many other kinds of finishing properties. With this flexibility in design, you would only be limited by your imagination when it comes to the best Aluminum door supplier in Singapore. Our aluminium doors can come with a different unique design where a window glass panel or acrylic panel could be incorporated or even louvre for ventilation or full aluminium depends on individual needs.

In a nutshell, the aluminium doors are simple robust and satisfactory when it comes to enhancing the quality and attractiveness of your house.  They can take decades before they start displaying signs of being worn out. The design and finishing would be done without compromising the thermal conduction of the doors, and their energy saving means. Anodizing treatment can help reduce corrosion thereby making the doors to remain in good quality and appearance for long. The doors can adapt to any environment making you enjoy excellent service of the doors no matter where you are.

At times it is very difficult to decide the doors that you require as some of the door required to comply with SCDF fire rated regulations just give us a call on our hotline our friendly customer service crew will be able to provide you with the best solutions.

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