Insect Screen for Doors Singapore

Enjoy natural sunlight with the door opened without flying insects and bugs.

Removable Insect Screen provides the efficient insect screen solutions for your window, balcony doors or patio doors and makes any room an insect-free zone

Insect Screen for Doors Singapore

Create a better environment with our door insect screens

The main objectives to install the insect screen for doors is to allow you to leave your doors fully wide open and as long as you as you wish.The door insect screens act as a magic curtain mesh that will prevent all types of insects especially mosquito and house fly from entering your house or premises. You can have a relaxing time, enjoying the cool breeze and the continual freely flow of fresh air ventilation passes through the fiberglass net where it helps to filter off dust particles in the air and prevent direct sunlight from entering your house thus keep your house cleaner and cooler. You will be saving money on the electrical bills of the air conditioning cost. With less dust entering your house you save time and energy in cleaning your house or premises. The door screen is secured with the powerful 3M magnet that is will not be detached even under strong wind load.

Insect Screen for all kind of doors

Our insect screen for doors are made from UV coated fiberglass netting materials and when you are looking from far it is invisible and you might not even notice that the screen for the doors was installed. The product available for your selection are the following :-

  • Insect Screen for Sliding Doors
  • Insect Screen for French Doors
  • Insect Screen for Main Gate
  • Insect Screen for Kitchen Doors
  • Insect Screen for Bi-fold Doors
  • Insect Screen for balcony door and patio doors

Features and Benefits

We are passionate about helping homeowners and business owners to take control over their own environment with the executive Removable Door Insect Screens. It is provided with insect and UV protection, provide shade from the direct glare of sunlight and enhance your privacy without blocking your view.

Our Door Insect Screens are custom made to measure for that perfect fit, fully measured and installed by our knowledgeable, professionally trained installers.

All Insect screens are constructed in our factory, Using quality fiberglass wire mesh, with PVC coating, making it waterproof and resistant  to staining. This is allowing perfect visibility and protection from Insect, pests and bugs.

Our Removable Door Insect Screen Frames are all made in a strong extruded aluminum frame, come with various colors for you to choose from.

Last not least, we offer custom sizing for those odd shaped and sized windows and doors that regular screens will not fit.


The great things about our removable insect screens for doors need minimal maintenance. As the screens are removable which allow you to clean the screens with mild detergent and water, and gently wipe them off. This eliminates any small dust particles track in it.

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Dengue Prevention

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