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Insect Screen For Windows Singapore | 3M Insect Screen
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Insect Screen Windows

Insect Screen for Windows Singapore

Excellent Visibility Insect Screen designed to maximize your outward view and keep insects out!

Protect your family members by installing INSECT SCREEN FOR WINDOWS, you could have a peaceful sleep and enjoy the fresh air with your windows wide open

Insect Screen For Windows Singapore

Do you want to ventilate your home with cleaner and fresher air?
Are you afraid of birds, cat, pest and insects from entering your home?
We provide you with the best and affordable solution with our custom made to measure Insect Screen for windows Singapore that will be able to

  • prevent pest especially the irritating lizard and cockroaches from migrating to your house
  • prevent insect and bugs especially the killer dengue mosquitoes and ZIKA mosquitoes from entering
  • filter dust particles from entering your home, offices and workplace where it can be cleaner
  • prevent birds, cats and dog from illegal entry to your house, warehouse, factory and canteen

Our custom made Insect Screen for windows is fabricated in Singapore and is commonly used in

  • residential home, high-rise HDB housing estate, private condominium
  • Commercial buildings, non-air-con storage warehouse, non-aircon food processing plant
  • Food Court, canteen, childcare centre, churches, temple

The design of our custom made Insect Screen for Windows

We had to take into consideration on the different sizes and different types of windows that you have in your existing home and our insect screen for windows are specially made to fit into the existing window of your premises. It seals around the full perimeter of our windows using only the most reliable 3M magnetic strips that are specially indented. We assure you that we will not damage your existing window frames as we are not using any nails, screws or rivets on the window frame. Our exclusive “Snapback Action” design insect screen makes opening and closing your windows without any easier.

Our insect screen is not a normal mosquito net where it is easily available that you can DIY and buy off the shelves. Our insect screen is specially designed with an ultraviolet coating on the fiberglass mesh which is made from environmental-friendly materials. It is definitely rust and corrosion resistant, fire retardance (at cigarette temperature). It will not deform screen-stretch or shrink from the impact of the harsh environment from rain, strong wind load  and sunshine

Customize the design and make easily to suit various kind of windows

  • Typical Sliding Window
  • Typical Casement Window
  • Typical Top Hung Window
  • Non-Typical Compound Window door
  • Non-Typical Half screens for single hung or horizontal slider windows,
  • Non-Typical full-size window screens for double-hung or wooden windows
  • Non-Typical casement window screens that attach on the inside

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Affordable Pricing and value for money.


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Insect Screens help to prevent Dengue.

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