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Insect Screen for HDB Singapore | Mosquito Window Screen Singapore
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Insect Screen for HDB

Mosquito Window Screen Singapore – HDB & Private

In the past few years, there were recorded cases of an outbreak of mosquito-borne diseases especially dengue fever and Zika Virus reported in Singapore.This increasing trend indicates that the virus spread by the lethal mosquitoes across borders is inevitable and will continue to increase due to our climate in Singapore which suits mosquitoes and it will be active to grow in population if the average temperature rises.

Dengue and Zika mosquitoes will not only threaten the safety of your friends, family members both the old and young ones. If you know any person that is pregnant you should never take any chance for the ZIKA virus.

Why you need housefly or mosquito window screen in Singapore

Most Singaporeans stay either in landed properties, private condominium and the majority stay in HDB housing it is difficult to ensure that every household has taken the responsibilities to put in place the essential steps to prevent the breeding of Aedes mosquito. Precaution is always better than cure. Removable Magnetic Insect Screen supplier that specially designed the fly screen or insect screen for windows with a very durable fiberglass mosquito net which is commonly known as insect screen for windows, doors, main gates and balcony that will prevent the flying insects or pest to enter your house. Installing the insect screen will reduce the risk of having the ZIKA or Dengue mosquito flying into our house or workplace from the nearby surrounding environment.

Advantage of housefly or mosquito window screen in Singapore

Paying a small price to have a better protection is worth to consider. There are many advantages of the mosquito window screen or fiberglass fly screen to be installed in your house and workplace:-

  • Improve the home and workplace health and safety
  • Prevent dengue fever and Zika Virus
  • Prevent pest and flying insects from entering your house and workplace
  • Improve the air quality of your home
  • Easy maintenance without mechanical fixing

Install mosquito window screen for your commercial buildings, factory, landed properties, private condominium and HDB flat with affordable price. Call us now for a free demo at the site.

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