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Insect Window Mesh Singapore – Magnetic or Roller Insect Screen

To a consumer sometimes it is very difficult and challenging to decide the type of window mesh to be installed in our home, workplace, factory and hospitals where we do not have the technical knowledge. In the market there are different types, design and materials used.What is the best that is suitable for us with a cost is within our budget and we not want to be over paying to the features that we do not require or with a cheap price where we are short chain on the quality of materials.

Types of insect window mesh in Singapore

DIY Magnetic Insect Screen

There are very low cost DIY Magnetic insect screen where we just buy the materials and fix it where is is easily available in Q10  or DIY store or hardware store.These insect screen, magnet and adhesive strip quality is questionable. Most of time the insect screen will dropped off after 3 to 6 months period due to poor workmanship and wrong installation procedures by the consumer. It is highly recommended to look for a Reliable Insect Screen Company for a free demo and explain to you the functions.

Roller insect Screen or  Folding Insect screen

You definitely need a contractor to install and it is the most expensive in all the insect screen due to additional roller and folding mechanism.It is very difficult to remove for cleaning and it does not make sense if the insect screen is rolled up all insects will enter to your house. In practical it will not be recommended

Removable Magnetic Insect Screen

This is definitely one of the best choice where the main advantage is stop all insects and pest, easy for maintenance, filter off big dust particles in the air and provide better air quality. Let the removable magnetic insect screen company fix up for you and rest assured if there is any problems we still can contact them hassle free and it comes with a warranty.

What are the benefits of Insect Window Mesh

Insect window mesh is also commonly know as fly screens which is very effective in keeping birds,mosquitoes. housefly, lizards, cockroaches  and other small insects out of homes and buildings. Not only do they help to alleviate the annoyance of unwelcome pest and insects, but they also provide beneficial for hygiene reasons, all of these insects or pest are germs are bacteria carrier and they spread infectious diseases such as ZIKA virus that inflict extensive harm to pregnant lady with their unborn child. In all food and medical industries, that involved in food or medical preparation and production must adhere to stringent hygienic working environments where reasonable practical measure in protection against animals, pest and insects from entering into their premises in spreading infectious diseases for health, food and medical safety reasons is part of legal legislation requirements.

Which type of window insect mesh should I use?

In selection of window insect mesh there are several considerations in choosing the correct and suitable window insect mesh, the types and sizes of the pests or insects that must be excluded. In general all window insect screen meshes will keep out lizards, cockroaches and house flies if you need to keep out mosquitoes you should choose the window screen mesh with the smallest hole size, which is our fiberglass mesh with less than 0.9 mm aperture. If you require a rodent / rat / pet window mesh you may consider more costly nylon, polyester or stainless steel  window mesh which is more durable materials.

Reliable Window Insect Screen Company in Singapore

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