Aluminium Grill Price


Type of HouseGrill DesignGrill GapCoatingPrice Range
HDB 3 RoomVertical or Horizontal100mmAnodiseFrom $1200 to $1400
HDB 4 & 5 RoomVertical or Horizontal100mmAnodiseFrom $1200 to $1400
All typeSquare100 mmAnodiseFrom $2.50 / sq ft

The Aluminium Window Grill Price In Singapore

How do we justify the aluminium grill price in Singapore?

The main consideration in merchant or contractor selection is always the price. We do not want the contractor to overcharge us and on the other hand, when we found the cheapest price we will also want to know Why is the aluminium grill price so cheap? Thats is always a saying cheap things do not last. We always think of a long-term business relationship with our customers and 50% of our customers came from referrals and word of mouth. We are very transparent on our pricing, there is absolutely not necessary to undercut the market and deceive customers by providing an inferior quality aluminum grill.

What are the component to consider the aluminum grill price in Singapore?

The price of the aluminium is always determined by the following key factors

  • Design of the aluminium grilles e.g.
    • single bar horizontal design
    • double bar horizontal design
    • single bar vertical design
    • double bar vertical design
    • combination vertical and horizontal also know as square design grills
    • diagonal bar design grill
  • The gap and spacing between the grill normal is about 100mm gap in between but if you prefer 50 mm then the price will be double.
  • The type and thickness of aluminium extrusion profile for the window grills e.g. 1.5mm or 3 mm. Naturally the price of 3mm thick is double the 1.5 mm thick
  • The type of coating applied to the aluminium grills. the price for fluorocarbon coating is a few time more than normal powder coating or anodised.
  • The colour selection is also a cost factor common colour e.g. white or black or grey is much cheaper as compared to exotic colours e.g. champagne metallic or metallic blue. Colour is sometime very critical to owners or architect where they want to match the theme of the whole facade
  • The US dollar exchange rate fluctuations

Why Us ?

We always believe in establishing good business relationship with our customers.We are proud to declare that 50% of our business are referrals or by the word of mouth. Our aluminium grill price is very transparent, affordable and we do not undercut the market or over priced our product. We will provide a reasonable quote base on your budget or requirement. Start shopping now!