Magnetic Insect Screen Singapore

Easy to Install and clean

Magnetic Insect Screen Singapore

Magnetic Insect Screen Singapore

We offer the most efficient and technically advanced Magnetic Insect Screen in Singapore. It is specifically designed to suit all types of windows and doors, most importantly is to ensure that it will blend perfectly into the theme and interior design of any property. Our products are using the premium materials that are specially designed, selected and tested by our suppliers to ensure high performance, The 3 main components are special ultraviolet coated (UVC) protection on the fiberglass mesh, 3M adhesive Transfer Tap and powerful rare earth magnet. Apart from using premium materials for the magnetic insect screen, experience and highly skill crew for assembly is also important to provide excellent workmanship quality.

Why using the magnet for Magnetic Insect Screen in Singapore?

The screens are magnetically sealed against the window and door frames using brand new rare earth magnets which are tested to be the most powerful permanent magnets available due to their powerful magnetic field and their great strength and coercivity that provide excellent size to strength ratio with an excellent temperature stability. The magnet is able to withstand our humid environment and the heat under prolong exposure to sunlight without losing its strength. The magnet is proven to be very durable where the properties will not be affected by multiple times of removal and cleaning it with any mild household cleaning detergent solutions.

Simple and easy maintenance of the Magnetic Insect Screen

The fiberglass mesh and the magnetic strips are both very durable and it will not rust or corrode. It is easy to remove for cleaning and ashing anytime, simply flush with running water to remove the dirt and use a mild detergent solution and gently rub to wash off any stubborn stains.Please do not use a brush and exert excessive strength in cleaning that will provide more wear and tear to the fiberglass mesh screen or even damaging it over time.

Functions of the Magnetic Insect Screen

Our Magnetic Insect Screen is not only easy to install and also provide the following benefits

  1. The best pest control solution to mitigate lizards, mosquitoes, cockroaches, housefly and all pest including all flying insects from entering your house or kitchen or food processing plant and office.
  2. Provide higher hygiene where it filters dust particles in the air and allows fresh air to flow into your house or premises.
  3. Energy saving UV screen prevent direct sunlight and allows natural light into your premises keeping your room cool

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