Magnetic Insect Screen

We offer the most efficient and technically advanced magnetic insect screen in Singapore. Our products are using the premium fiberglass mesh made from USA and 3M adhesive Transfer Tap for the installation. It is specifically designed to ensure it will not affect the interior design of any property. The screens are magnetically sealed against the window and door frames. The fiberglass mesh and the magnetic strips are durable and will not rust. It is easy to remove and wash anytime to maintain clean environment without extra maintenance cost. Our Magnetic Insect Screen is not only easy to install but also allows nature sunlight and fresh air to flow in. The screens will stop all the unwanted flying insects and bugs entering the house or office. Contact us now for free site demo. Our Insect Screens are customised to fit any size of windows and doors

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Dengue Prevention

Insect Screens help to prevent Dengue.

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