Aluminium Trellis Singapore

Aluminium trellis system, balcony louvre and louvre doors are customised fabricated.

The Aluminium product specialist in Singapore with the quality and safety assurance
We customise your aluminium windows, grilles, gates, doors and trellis for both residential and commercial buildings.

Aluminium Trellis Singapore

Our aluminum trellis, balcony louvres and louvre door in Singapore are specially design and fabricated with the highest workmanship quality to suit all types of building facade

Type of properties

  • All types of Commercial Building
  • All types of Residential Buildings
  • HDB house
  • Condominium
  • Schools
  • Landed Properties

Benefits of aluminium trellis

improve the aesthetic of the building facade


Aluminum Products for Buildings Aluminum Trellis Fabricated in Singapore

Whether you are building a private property, schools or a commercial building, you will at some time need to use aluminum. This kind of metal is widely used in Singapore in roofing; curtain walling, partitioning, windows, ladders, structural glazing, improving the appearance of a facade and shop fitting among other areas. This kind of metal is, in fact, the second most used in the industry of construction. If you are looking for something to improve the aesthetic of a building facades aluminum louvres and the aluminum trellis is the highly recommended choice in Singapore.

 What is a Trellis?

If you are in Singapore and you are wondering what aluminum trellises are, these are aluminum arches or walling structures. They can be put against a wall, structure or left to stand on their own in any building or façades

What is the Benefit of Aluminum Trellis Singapore?    

Aluminum trellis Singapore is used in shielding the façade. With a façade trellis, facades last longer as they are shielded from UV light and heavy rains.

Aluminum Trellis Singapore Improves the Aesthetic of Building Facades

A tired facade is not anyone’s wish, and the worst part is it affects the appearance of a building in a negative way. With a façade trellis, the tired façade is refreshed, and it gets a whole new aesthetic dimension.

Trellises Help You to Connect with Nature in the Midst of the City

Being in the city does not mean that nature should not be a part of your home. It feels great to be in touch with nature in the midst of the hassle and the bustle of the city. Even with just a facade, you can use aluminum trellis Singapore and climbing plants to create a natural wall. This will give your home a serene surrounding with fresh air thanks to the trellises. It also creates a perfect area for cooling off when it’s hot outside.

They Come in Different Styles

Different people have different tastes, and the one advantage with trellises is that they come in different colors. If you would like your facade in different colors or the color that matches nature. When you need aluminum trellis to improve the appearance of your façade, you will get the color and the design that you need. Being creative, you will have your facade customized with a trellis that conceals unsightly aspects while at the same time exposing the nature’s beauty with plants climbing on it.

Plants and gardens, in general, are beautiful especially when in the city. They add the glamour that can only be found in the village. Space should not limit you to having your home connected to nature when you are in Singapore as you can use trellises. There are creative ways to use aluminum trellises to create an appealing facade. The best thing with these trellises is how they can be customized to fit your preferred styles. Whatever shape you prefer we will fabricate the aluminum trellis that will make that happen with their architectural invention.

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