Aluminum Window Grilles Singapore

With our Aluminium Windows Grilles, it will provide you with a safer and secure home to live in.

Our aluminium windows grilles are direct from our factory, it gives you the options to choose the design and colour that you require for a reasonable price. No GST, No Hidden Cost Guaranteed

Aluminium Window Grilles Contractor Singapore

We are the most reliable aluminum window grilles contractor in Singapore that provides you the window grill with highest safety and security to safeguard your young children or pets from falling off buildings and at the same time deter thieves to break-in your properties.

Type of properties

  • All types of Commercial Building
  • All types of Residential Buildings
  • HDB house
  • Condominium
  • Schools
  • Hotels / Resorts
  • Private Landed Properties


Types of aluminium windows grill

  • Aluminium slim Windows grilles
  • Aluminium normal Windows grilles
  • Alumnium door grill
  • Aluminium white window grill
  • Aluminium retro window grilles
  • Aluminium HDB window grilles
  • Aluminium custom window grilles
  • Aluminium foldable window grilles
  • Aluminium modern window grilles
  • Aluminium removable window grilles

Reasons Why People Choose Aluminum Window Grilles in Singapore

Singapore homeowners consider the placement of their window as an essential factor especially if you want to achieve an optimal ventilation and lighting condition.  Good ventilation can help you maintain the optimum indoor temperature and minimize the monthly utility bill.  For those who live in a private apartment or HBD flats keeping their window open would be a simple but great solution.  Unfortunately, there are instances that it can compromise your security.  In order to address this problem, a great deterrent in preventing unwanted access to your property would be the installation of the Aluminum Window Grilles contractors and suppliers in Singapore that offer high-security grills that will also safeguard the kids from accidental falls.

The Benefits of Choosing Aluminum Window Grill

We are the most reliable aluminum window grilles contactor in Singapore that can fabricate window grills out of metallic materials such as iron and steel.  Unfortunately, these types of materials are commonly exposed to some issues such as rusts.  It would require an expensive replacement in the event that the materials become too rusty.    Furthermore, the steel is quite heavy that the installation can cause damage to the property.  The best solution for this would be the aluminum materials.

Aluminum is Durable

The aluminum material has a lot of advantages when compared to the other counterparts.  It has a maximum mechanical strength which makes it ideal security purposes.  Heavy duty type of aluminum is also available for those who are looking for an assurance for their safety.  The aluminum material is highly resistant to chemical, heat, and rust.  We can also provide powder coating for your window grill to increase the resistance against corrosion.Singapore homeowners will enjoy the simple maintenance needed by this material.  It does not require regular painting, lightweight requires an easy cleaning and they are also long-lasting.

Aluminum is an Abundant Mineral

Since there is a high content of Aluminum in the earth’s surface, the supply of aluminum will not be an issue.  The high-content of this material also makes it more affordable.  In addition, this material can also be easily extruded, cast, drawn and machined.   The surface of the aluminum also makes it an excellent reflector which generally deflects the harmful radiation.  It also has natural attributes that can be easily recycled.  This various attributes of this material make this product highly affordable and cost-effective.  For that budget-conscious customer, they may consider introducing the aluminum window grill.  Singapore consumers will not only ensure that they will have a strong structure but also a cheap solution.

Environment Friendly

With their environment-friendly features, the aluminum can be an elegant and simple solution.  It does not pose a serious threat to the environment due to its abundance.  According to the study, at least 90% of energy can be saved when we recycled aluminum.  The amount of nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide which is the main cause of acid rain can also be significantly reduced.  This is another great advantage when you opt for aluminum window grill.

Singapore homeowners will realize that this is the better choice for their homes.  They will have amazing security features without causing a dent on their financial statements.



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