Fiberglass Insect Screen Singapore

Enjoy fresh air and sunlight without worrying about insects 




Fiberglass Insect Screen Singapore

The fiberglass insect screen not only allows you to enjoy the great view and scenery outside of your home or office and it UV coated that filter direct sunlight from entering your premises that help to extend the shelf life and prevent premature aging of your furniture as some furniture will fade after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Why select Fiberglass Insect Screen?

Our magnetic fiberglass Insect Screens are specially imported from a premium durable fiberglass supplier. The fiberglass material is custom selected which is made from a type of very durable tested fiber reinforced plastic. We choose fiberglass because provide a long-lasting shelf life, waterproof, corrosion-resistant from the environment and most importantly it is almost invisible. The strength is 3 times stronger than the normal mesh and it is lightweight and it will not rust when contact with environment or water. It provides the highest level of visibility and protection compared to other mesh or net made from other fiber materials. The tiny holes on the mesh will also act as a filter, filtering out the large dust particles in the air which essentially allow fresher and cleaner air to flow through. It is almost invisible under sunlight and will provide daytime privacy without closing your windows and doors. It is the perfect choice for protection against all pest and tiny insects and it is also well lit by sunlight. We are using a 3M magnet in mounting the fiberglass mesh onto your window and doors which makes it very easy to maintain.

Maintenance of Fiberglass Insect Screen 

It is a hassle-free and easy to maintain

  • Light dirt just gently wipes the dirt off using a soft damp cloth or sponge
  • Dirt and dust particle on the fiberglass screen – detach off the screen from the windows or doors and wash it down with running water. You can also apply a dilute cleaning detergent and rub gently on the fiberglass mesh to remove more stubborn dirt particles.

Important Note: Do not use excessive strength and brush to clean the fiberglass screen it will damage the UV protection coating.

Our Insect Screens are customised to fit any size of your window, doors and balcony.


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