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We customise your aluminium windows, grilles, gates, doors and trellis for both residential and commercial buildings.

Reliable Aluminium Windows Singapore

Our Aluminium Windows in Singapore specially design and made to measure to suit all types of properties and buildings.

Types of Aluminium Windows

  • Aluminium Casement Windows
  • Aluminium Sliding Windows
  • Aluminium Top Hung Windows
  • Aluminium Side Hung Windows (aka HDB Alum Swing Window)
  • Aluminium Composite Windows
  • Aluminium Windows with Grilles
  • Aluminium Window without the Grill
  • Aluminium Bi-fold Window ( some call it Fold Window)
  • Aluminium Louvre Window
  • Aluminium Swing Window

Type of properties

  • All types of Commercial Building
  • All types of Residential Buildings
  • HDB house
  • Condominium
  • Schools
  • Landed Private Properties


Types of coating on aluminium windows

Aluminium frames can be easily coated with different protection to prevent oxidation and give a vibrant appearance to match your furniture and colour them of your house and building.

Three most popular coating on aluminium window frames

  • Fluro carbon coating – provides wide range of exotic colors (e.g. metallic gold, metallic silver) – most expensive
  • Powder coating – provide limited range of solid colours (e.g. white, grey, black, blue, black ) – middle price range
  • Anodise – only 3 colours (e.g. natural, bronze and black) – Low price


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Benefits of Aluminium Windows

There are many benefits that Aluminium Windows bring to any building from residential to towering commercial skyscrapers. Unfortunately, they tend to be overlooked by consumers, but throughout the Aluminium Window Singapore builders industry, architect, installer contactors had chosen Aluminium Windows as the best choice and they have gained widespread use because of the following factors

  • it is light and easy to install,
  • able to withstand high wind load and
  • provide the best aesthetic look compared to wrought iron or steel materials.

The Aluminium Window, Gate, Door, Grilles and even trellis had become a popular commodity because it is a more economical than wood and vinyl or wrought iron. Our Aluminium Windows Company in  Singapore also understand that they are more durable and stand up to the materials better.

No longer are the days of drab and plain aluminium coloured window and door frames of decades ago. There are numerous colours that buildings using Aluminium Windows in Singapore can give their home or structure great curb appeal and be eye-catching where your window frames can be powder coated with a different colour to match your building or you like to make it simple and simply have it natural, black, bronze or dark bronze anodized. With a better budget, you can have your Aluminium Windows with fluorocarbon coated which gives you a better choice in the selection of exotic and metallic colours.

Benefits to Install Aluminum Window in Singapore 

The main benefits of choosing aluminium windows are the durable and renewable materials where aluminium does not corrode, unlike wrought iron. The commercial buildings and HDB housing having aluminum window installations will benefit from the durable and sustainable quality of them. They resist splitting and cracking and are fifty times stronger than wood frames and ten times stronger than vinyl frames.

Aluminum is the most environmentally friendly materials and it is the number one in the recycling world and is a renewable and sustainable material. Only five percent of the energy used to make it is required to recycle it making it an even greater framing alternative for all aluminum window Singapore installs.

Our aluminum windows are Energy Efficiency

The aluminum window Singapore uses today are extremely energy efficient and still more cost friendly. Aluminum windows today come with grilles or multiple panes of glass that incorporated with safety features where you could enjoy the view of the scenery, protect privacy, easy service works for maintenance.

Types of  window glass

  • Clear Glass – where you enjoy good view and sunlight and energy saving for electricity in warehouse or buildings
  • Tinted glass – eliminate direct sunlight entering your premises
  • Reflective blue glass – high privacy
  • Reflective green glass – high privacy
  • Sandblasted glass – high privacy
  • Heated strengthen glass – shatter into pieces when it breaks recommended for lower fixed panel windows
  • Laminated glass – glass with customized printed design and also durable
  • Double glazed glass – good soundproof and security from main and noisy roads


Environment Friendly

Aluminum window Singapore installers have seen an increase in their use due to the way they stand up to the hazardous elements. They will not warp, peel, fade, rot or rust over years due to the non-ferric metal quality and anodized finishes.


Designs are Endless

The flexibility of manufacturing multiple different designs and colors allows for designs that will work and fit with any home or office building. The aluminum window Singapore offers to the community come custom made with many different glass possibilities, finishes and state of the art window systems to work with, unlike the past where we used iron or wrought iron materials that had many challenges in maintenance due to corrosion.

Noisy Neighbors, noisy traffic

Inevitable due to land scarce in Singapore some of the buildings or house are very close to your neighbors, expressways, main roads or near to the Mosque, temple, schools and MRT tracks where noise is generated. The double panel using double glazed glass together with our high-quality aluminum window Singapore installs are high achievers when it comes to keeping out unwanted noises. They beat out wood and vinyl windows hands down with noise abatement each and every time.

If you want high-quality, great durability, environmentally sound and sustainable aluminum window Singapore professional installation, then come see us today. You will get a great return on your investment; have the most energy efficient home and beautiful curb appeal in the neighborhood.


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