Invisible Insect Screen Singapore

Allows air flow , clear view and insects protection.

Invisible Insect Screen Singapore

For many new house owners, the interior decor is an important way where they can create their own living environment to differentiate their house from other units. In addition, real estate is a valuable commodity and is one of the highest value assets that any Singaporean or resident will own. As such, owners in Singapore do pay attention to interior design and create a comfortable home that is nice and safe for everyone staying inside the house.

A lot of the house owners are hesitated to install something that will affect the appearance and interior design of their lovely home. With our new invisible insect screen mesh, our special design insect protection window screen is almost invisible after installation that allows you to enjoy the fresh air and see the outside view clearly. You have to get up to take a close look to see this screen. It is no more a concern to house owner to install insect screen to keep away the birds, lizards, cockroaches, housefly, insect and bugs. Our Removable Magnetic Insect Screen used high-quality fiberglass screen that will not rust, corrode or stain. It allows air-flow, clear view and better insect protection.Our Insect Screens are customised to fit any size of windows and doors.

We also provide matching aluminium window frame and aluminium door frame to match your windows and doors design if you wish to have a sliding invisible insect screen. Our Engineer will visit your site and give professional advice to choose the right insect screen.

Our Insect Screens are customised to fit any size of windows and doors

How to order Invisible Insect Screen Singapore?

Before you order please call us or drop us an email to book an appointment so that our site operations crew will make a site survey and at the same time provide you a quick demo to ensure that you are comfortable with our product.We will provide you the best recommendations and at the same time clarify any doubts with us on the functions and cleaning maintenance.



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